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Flappy Heart Flap the heart!
1 0   6   Regular Games
Avoid The Food! There's a monster who wants to get back to his swamp, he dislike the ordinary food, try to avoid the...
3 1   339   October Challenge
Pizza is agressive PIZZA!!! really? ok better read the instructions because it's bester than description ok
6 0   249   October Challenge
Space heroeos didn't want to lose again so i made a regular game
7 0   229   Regular Games
Run Liza A baby spider is lost in a infinite ant dimension and she needs to survive as long as she cans... Ca...
8 0   168   October Challenge
Fusion Defender Battle your way through games development software and collect humble bundle packages to keep your s...
9 0   370   October Challenge
Timeless Rivals - Swimming Would you like to rewrite swimming history? Change a few Silver or Bronze medals into Gold? Then you...
6 1   277   October Challenge
Harry and the Saucer Fun little game where you are "Harry" the chicken. Harry is trying out his new flying saucer and ven...
6 0   214   October Challenge
Tire Trouble Being a tire can be hard sometimes!
6 4   279   October Challenge
Intrepution It's game about CUBES, Cubes is so beatuiful, it's wanna die
2 3   5   October Challenge
Space Shooter 101 Like a simple 90s Space shooter. BUT MORE HD!
4 1   157   October Challenge
Death Hall 1 button hardcore platformer. Press spacebar to start! Press spacebar to play! Press spaceber t...
2 5   99   October Challenge
Space Fleet : Mission to Mars You play as a space commander and have the task to survive against a swarm of enemy ships.
4 2   191   October Challenge
FlappyBird Chic FlappyBird chic version - fan made flappybird game - just another flappybird clone - but a very fun...
6 0   136   Regular Games
FlappyTale FlappyTale is a game based on Undertale and Flappy Bird. The images has been taked from the video Fl...
12 0   250   October Challenge
Square Survivor You are a blue square and must survive the red square apocalypse! Music: "Delightful D" Kevin Ma...
7 0   112   October Challenge
The Running Boy This is a demo for the game jam! The Full game will be on game jolt!
10 0   285   October Challenge
Ads away! Geez... Ads are here, Ads are there, ADS ARE IN EVERYWHERE!!! It's the best to get rid of 'em all,...
12 0   213   October Challenge