Sparckman Challenge, who won?

The Sparckman Challenge ends today! Are you all exited? As many of you know, the winner will be the game that gets the most views, the most likes, the most dislikes and the most comments. It breaks down like this:


There is really no rule against commenting or watching your own game. So comment all you want, watch your own video all you want, you will get bored of watching eventually, lol. One way to boost your views is by simply sharing the video on facebook or any other platform where people can watch your game. 

The sparckman challenge 7 is based on RPG maker MV, the winner will receive a copy of RPG MAKER MV.

For this challenge we were able to accept 3 valid entries, for the rest who submitted RPG maker games, thank you for participating! The next Sparckman Challenge will be based on Construct 3!

We are going to count the votes shortly, stay tuned!

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