Desert Golfing out now on PC

After teeing off on mobile devices in 2014, the best, most challenging, and most addictive golf game in the world ever has finally landed on PC. Desert Golfing is out now on Steam. 

Don't be fooled by its seemingly bland and two-dimensional aesthetic, beneath Desert Golfing's simplistic veneer lies a deep and intuitive game—wherein endless levels are procedurally generated with no pars, leaderboards or game overs. 

Playing is simple: You click and drag to set each shot's pitch and power, sink each hole with as few shots as possible, and move onto the next. In judging each hole's elevated platforms and sinking crevices, Desert Golfing is as much a puzzle game as it is about pitching and putting. 

Here's how its mobile version looks in motion, courtesy of YouTube person tangents:

Over the years, I've lost a lot of time to Desert Golfing—to the point where I chose not to install it on my latest phone. A quick glance at the PC Gamer Slack chat paints a similar picture, with one of my colleagues (who will remain unnamed here) racking up a score of 5557. I don't judge, I know what this game is capable of.     

It seems Desert Golfing landed on Steam earlier this week, where it costs £1.69/$1.99.


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