How to convert HTML5 Games into Android Games for FREE!

This youtuber will show you how to convert any HTML5 game into an android app or game, completely free! using only free drag and drop tools like GAME MAKER STUDIO, Construct 3 and Fusion.

You can use any game engine.

In this video I'm going to show you how to transform HTML5 games made with the free version into Android games for FREE! You can use construct or any other application to do this.

Here is what you need:
1)  A software that can make free HTML5 games

2) Android Studio

3) You need node js

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How to make a game $0 budget

Good time too look at pixel art tutorials:

I'm not sure if you are allowed but you can also monetize these games by adding admob. All you need to do is convert your HTML5 game into an APK using android studio and Phonegap / Cordova.

Very easy process, you will wonder why people aren't doing this. Anyways, this is for educational purposes only, if the developers tell you not to monetize games made with the free version, don't do it, but again, there is no way to check if did it or not. So use your own thinking.

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