Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Review - spoiler not good


  • It's Straight 2D
  • No programming required
  • Good spreadsheet event system
  • Decent amount of extensions
  • Good for prototyping
  • Supports GamePad


  • Event code complexity grows very quickly (as opposed to normal code)
  • Very poor code reuse (events cannot be reused by future games)
  • Need to copy+paste events into every frame (or write a level editor from scratch)
  • Slow event system (especially for bigger games)
  • No native animator with curves, etc.
  • No animation/object hierarchy, need to position/rotate objects manually
  • Need to write C++ extensions when existing extensions don't cut it
  • Many extensions not available on non-Windows platforms
  • No console/Linux exporters
  • Many event 'gotchas', especially with object selection
  • No source code access to extensions, editor, or runtimes, especially a problem with community-made extensions
  • One of the most unfriendly and hostile communities 
  • Cannot script editor
  • Absolutely horrible native movements, everyone creates their own in events
  • Crashes constantly under Windows 8 and 10 due to the its core developed around windows98
  • Absolutely horrible image resize
  • Extensions have no official support 
  • It cannot rotate the cam or zoom, game scrolling can only move up and down
  • exporting to android it's a complete nightmare with almost zero documentation or comprehensible guide. 
  • for the complete software with all the exporting modules you are looking at $940
in conclusion, if you are looking to get started try Construct 3, Game Maker Studio 2, Game Salad, Styencyl or Unity. Those game engines are free.

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